Book Projects (Monographs)

(2020) The Worlds and Possessions of the Portuguese Merchant-Banker Emmanuel Ximenez in early seventeenth-century Antwerp, in progress.
(2021) Silver, Salt, and the Sea: Peter Paul Rubens and the Global World of Early Seventeenth-Century Antwerp, in progress.

Book Projects (Co-Edited)

(2021) Landscape and Earth in Early Modernity: Picturing Unruly Nature, ed. with Mia M. Mochizuki; in progress.
(2021) Materializing Identities: The Affective Values of Matter in Early Modern Europe, ed. with Susanna Burghartz, Lucas Burkart, and Ulinka Rublack; submitted.

Ongoing Funded Collaborative Research Projects

2016-2020 Materialized Identities: Objects, Affects and Effects in Early Modern Culture, 1450–1750, with Susanna Burghartz (U Basel), Lucas Burkart (U Basel), and Ulinka Rublack (U Cambridge). Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

For a complete list of research projects, see curriculum vitae.