Christine Göttler is currently writing a book entitled “Fluid Worlds,” which explores Rubens’s engagement with the global world of seventeenth-century Antwerp and the city’s long history of craftsmanship, material expertise, and (hidden) knowledge. She is also working with Sven Dupré on the volume “Reading the Inventory: The Worlds and Possessions of the Portuguese Merchant-Banker Emmanuel Ximenez (1564–1632) in Antwerp,” where the focus is on the converso merchant-banker’s involvement in the city’s artisanal, commercial, and scholarly culture.
She continues to do research and publish on early modern elemental imaginaries and the ways in which artists thought of and pictured hidden natural and supernatural forces.

Upcoming Events

Fellow of the DFG Research Group "Imaginaries of Force," University of Hamburg, 1 October to 31 December, 2023.

Robert Janson-La Palme *76 Visiting Professorship at the Department of Art & Archaeology, University of Princeton, Spring Semester 2024.